Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back-to-School SALE!!!!!

I hope you've heard by now......there is a HUGE back-to-school sale going on over at TpT!!!  Most seller's (including moi) have listed their products at 20% off.  WOOO HOOO!

Head on over and stock up on those BTS must haves!  Just enter the promo code BTS13 at check-out for your discount. 

Last night I uploaded a great little resource for the beginning of the year focusing on developing a solid number foundation.  I found that the program we use didn't focus enough on the numbers 1-10 then jumped into the tricky teens.  Hopefully, this will help me give them that basic layer of understanding single numbers before jumping forward.

Here's a closer look at the printable for the number 7.....

Students are able to trace the number, read the number word, create a ten-frame, write the number independently, color 7 objects, write the number word, draw 7 objects and distinguish the given number from other numbers.......all in ONE easy printable!  I'm all about saving space and copies!  I can't wait to use this with my kiddies!

Here are some of my other products you'll definitely want to start the year off with!

                                 This product has morning work for your littles for three days
per week.  Be sure to pick up  Part II for the 2nd half of the year!

Everything you need for that last minute fill-in!  Keep everything
organized in one place to make the day run smoothly!

This is part of my Common Core Math Assessments.
TONS of activities to assess all of the Common Core Math

Hope you have a GREAT Sunday!!!!  I'm off to pick up some great deals at TpT!

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