Friday, July 18, 2014

Movin' On Up!

Hi All!

Well, there's good news and good news!  First the good news......  Starting this fall I'll be teaching 5th Grade Special Ed. which I am SUPER excited about!  The other good news......I'll still be keeping my TpT Store, blog, Pinterest page, etc. up and running.

I do have a new blog, store, Facebook page, etc. called ABC's & IEP's if you'd like to check them out.  I don't have much going on there yet.  I had to set up everything first now I can get busy making all kinds of products.....picture ideas FLYING around my head daily!  Here are the links:

   TpT Store:

As you can imagine, it will take me quite some time to gain a following so it would be nice to see some friendly faces.  If you have a minute, check them out and let me know how you like them.  Thanks so much!

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