Monday, April 1, 2013

Farm Unit

Hi All!

Well I go back to school tomorrow......wahhhhhhhhh!  I only had 5 days off for Spring Break (Thurs-Mon) so it didn't quite feel like a break....more like a loooong weekend!  Regardless, I am happy to say I didn't do too much work.  I really needed some down time with the fam.  My future hubby and I set a wedding date....July 20th!  Better hit Pinterest for some really cute ideas!

I did manage to finish up my Farm Unit.  We are having our class trip to the farm this Friday so I really wanted to have some cute activities to do with my kiddies this week.

Taaa-daaaa!  I LOVE this product!  I tried to incorporate a lot of the skills we are working on but in a fun way.  Who wants to sit and not have fun all day, right?!?!  This unit includes a little bit of everything. 

     * Word Wall cards
     * I Spy A Number Sentence
         ~ I have 3 tiers included with recording sheets and answer keys
     * "On the Farm" original story, Emergent Reader
     * Farm Graphing: 2 different graphing activities
     * On the Farm Writing: 3 Writing printables
     * Color-by-Numbers (teens through thirtys)
     * "Find the Barn" sight word game

This is everything you will need for a week or more of your Farm Theme.  My kiddies are going to love these activities!  Check it out by clicking on the picture or here.  Hope you love it too!

What theme's do you have coming up?

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  1. We just found your blog via TPT!!! Glad to be your newest followers!:)


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