Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm Back!

I'm sorry I've been away for a bit.  LIFE happened!  I am dealing with a senior graduating H.S. (read DRAMA!), a wedding to plan, state testing in our schools, changed schedules.....UGH!  I think I've had a migrane for two straight weeks!!!!

So anyways, I finally finished up a new Spring Center pack and wanted to show all of my lovely followers FIRST!  And of course I need to give you a FREEBIE for my absence :)  I'm really excited about this product.  I've already started prepping it to put in place this week.  My kiddies are going to LOVE these activities.  I hope your's do too!!!!

 Click HERE or the picture to download this product.

Here's the whole kit-and-caboodle!  There are 5 Math Centers and 5 Literacy Centers in this product.  We are working on addition fluency right now.  I tiered the activities since we all have kiddos at many different levels.  I wanted to make the math activities flexible so you could implement them in a multitude of ways.

The Addition Fluency cards can be used several ways.  First, I printed a set to use with my whole group.  My kiddies love the fast-paced challenge of old-fashioned "drilling."  GASP you say?!?!  Well I definitely make it fun.  I tell them I'm going to try to trick them up.  So I try to go really fast to make it hard for them, I get them giggling, then I slow it down.  At that point they are all glued to my every flip.  It works like a charm.  Second, I print a set to put in the math center. I write the answer on the back so it's self checking.  Third, I use them in small group with manipulatives so they can show how to complete the addition problem.  They really love these cards.  They're tiered between single-digit addition, teen numbers and twenty's.

Also included are making number sentences from ladybug dots, Race to 50 game, a Spring graphing activity and a great way to explore numbers using a number grid.

The Literacy activities include a compound word matching game, Boggling Words Game, Find a Word Game, a Short Vowel Sort and a Spring beginning blends printable.  Here is a preview of these activities:

And I DID mention a FREEBIE so I am giving you one of the Boggling Words pages from this product.  Just click HERE to download your freebie.  Click HERE to download this product. I hope you enjoy :)

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