Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Fun!

Whew, whew and WHEW......what a week!  It must have been a full moon because my kiddies were KA-RA-ZY this week!  It seemed like the longest week ever.  That could also be due to the fact that I noticed we'll have a 3-day weekend in November.  It seems that as soon as I know these things, time STOPS!  I so desperately need a 3-dayer!  Yup, made up that word!

So anyways, we have been slowly busy in my class.  I say this on purpose.  We started the Superkids Reading Program in our district this year.  It has many pro's and con's.  The con is that it moves s...l...o...w...  Like REALLY slow!  I guess that could also be a pro.  We learn one letter, yes letter as in singular, each unit.  A unit can take about 1 1/2 weeks to teach.  So when you do the math - I'll do it for you - we are just starting our 5th letter for the year. Like I said   s....l....o....w!  I'm use to teaching 3 WORDS per week, not letters, so this has been a huge adjustment for me as a teacher.

On the pro side, this program really allows you to dive into each letter.  We really give the kids ample time to master identifying the letter and the letter sound, write the letter and identify the letter sound in everyday words.  The program also gives you LOTS of teaching resources.  The kids can access books and games online for free, all of my materials are available online as well.

A BIG con for me is I have to re-create my entire toolbox of games & center activities.  This equates to work, work and more work.  I've been working 10-11 hours at school each day then coming home and putting in another 4 hours of work in front of a computer.  I should be able to move my neck again in about 2 years!

What does that mean to you, you ask?  Well what that means is that first, I am creating lots of new, fun activities.  Second, I can't offer new products without offering new FREEBIES, right?!?!?!  So here comes a recent product I uploaded on TpT called Fall Print-and-Go Math & Literacy Activities.  Since I'm working so much on the curriculum, I need activities that are ready to go without all the prep-time required. 

This product has lots of print-and-go goodies.  In fact, it's ALL print-and-go......doesn't get much easier than that.  But wait, there's more (**said in my best infomercial voice**) ~ All of the activities are Common Core Aligned.  Just click on the picture above to download this from my TpT Store.

Now back to that FREEBIE!  I'd like to give you a cute-lil writing page from the Fall Print-and-Go product so just click HERE and get your's today!

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