Saturday, October 26, 2013

Interactive Monthly Writing Journals

I'm really excited when I get my students writing.  They often come to me not knowing how to write their own name.  I get such joy out of watching them grow as writer's. 

Early on, I like to foster independence with writing.  It is not easy, trust me.  Student's want to write like adults and can get frustrated easily if they can't.  We start the year having a talk about how I used to write when I was their age.  Believe it or not, I have a writing sample from when I was in lower elementary school (thanks dad!)  It really helps motivate the kids to show them that I practiced and got better over time.

To promote independence and ownership of their writing, I created Interactive Montly Writing Journals.  Each month, September through June, has a cover sheet with a graphic design for the students to personalize.  Another sheet is provided with commonly used words for each month. There is also a space for students to write words they commonly use.

To purchase this product, just click on the picture.  Thanks!

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