Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter FUN!

It's a SNOW DAY here!  I don't care how old you get......these days are awesome!!!!  It's a balmy 8 degrees here today with a wind chill well below 0.  I'd say it's cold!

Yes, I will pay for it dearly in June.  And yes, YOU will probably have to read alllll about it.

But for NOW, who cares!  I got to sleep in today and work on my blog :)

It's rare.....VERY rare that we find out the night before that school is closed but this time we did.  Which meant I stayed up very late finishing up a few products.

The first product I finished up was a revamp of my biggest Winter seller ~ Winter Color-by-Numbers.Winter Color-by-Numbers: Teen Numbers

I changed it up a little and added three more pictures.  This product focuses solely on the teen numbers, which can be so tricky for Kinder's.  This is a really fun way for them to identify the numbers, and gain a little extra practice with color words as a bonus!  Here is a sample page......

All of the images are Winter images and would go great in your Math or Theme center!  Click on either of the images to download.

The next product is my January Math Center Activities.  I love, love, love Winter Math activities!  I actually introduced these centers to my kiddies yesterday and they had a blast!

January Math Center Activities

There are 7 different Math activities to get your little one adding, subtracting and gaining number sense!

(after 20 mins of trying to flip the picture, I give up!  Please turn your head!)

There are addition and subtraction cards, all with a visual cue of the same child.  There are two variations to this game.  I introduce this activity with manipulatives (shown above) to provide support in completing the addition problem.  Once students are fairly fluent in addition, I turn this into Addition / Subtraction Concentration.  They love playing this!

This activity is Teen Ten Frames.  Students identify the correct number and clip that number on the side.  The cards cover all of the teen numbers.

This activity allows students to "Build the Snowman" by matching the addition problem with the snowman with the correct answer.   The kids REALLY loved this activity!

This product includes an activity called "Gold Medal Tally Time" to introduce students to the upcoming Olympic Games.  There is also an activity to practice number sequence through 20.

If you have any questions about this product, don't hesitate to contact me at  Don't forget to rate the product after purchase by leaving feedback.  You'll earn TpT credits to use towards future purchases......hello.....FREE products!  Can't beat that!

What are you doing to stay warm today?

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