Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arctic Animals - Graphic Organizers

Well I finally remembered to bring my camera home today (yay me!)   I wanted to post some pics of my students completely graphic organizers on chart paper.  This was a follow-up to our "brainstorming" activity.  Since they've never done anything like this, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. 

I split the class into three groups....the Seals, the Polar Bears, and the Penguins.  They each "researched" their animals and taught the rest of the group what they learned.  I think they turned out absolutely adorable!  They were so proud of their work.  I especially love the kids who wrote upside down because they laid that way on the carpet :)

 We also did some writing / drawing about our animals.  This was the beginning stage before they added all the details.  I will update with more "finished" pictures.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to wrap up our two-week unit by finishing our K-W-L charts and some coloring / painting.  What could be more fun than 25 kids with paint?!?!?!

All of the activities I've done for our Arctic Animals Unit can be found HERE.

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