Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arctic Animals Unit - Day 1

Well today was quite a blissful day in my classroom!  There were 7 kids absent today.  Although I never want my lil guys to be sick, let me tell you what a difference it is having only 18 kids!  I can't get over how QUIET it was.  The downside was we started our Arctic Unit today so I was really bummed that a lot of the kids weren't there.  I will have to pull them to a small group tomorrow to get them caught up.

Today we began the unit by brainstorming.  For Kindergartener's, this is a brand new concept so it took a little longer than normal.  It is also the first time we've used a KWL chart.  I'm really surprised at how WELL they did.  I am so proud of them!  Each group came up with all the things they know about their animal (polar bears, seals or penguins.)  Here are the pics of the finish products (all THEIR words!)

Tomorrow we are going to read a few books about Arctic Animals, including the original story I wrote to go with this unit, to learn more about them.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this unit!!!!  To preview it, click HERE.


  1. I had 6 kiddos out today. That put my number at 11. It was so nice and relaxing today. I taught it as if all were there though b/c we still have so many skills to get through and this year just seems to be going in full speed. I took a peek at your artic unit. Looks and sounds adorable. Def. need to pick that one up! :)


  2. Doesn't it make such a difference having a small class? I could get used to that!


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