Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FREE Winter Word Challenge

If you're like me, panic is starting to set in.  I return to school tomorrow.  I don't quite know how the past week and a half FLEW BY so quickly.  I had such high hopes for all of the planning I was going to do and all the cute lil projects I was going to make.  Well, that didn't quite happen.

So if you are like me, spending your afternoon trying to come up with all those center ideas, etc., this is for you.  You can download the free product below, print it out and you're ready to go!

This activity will provide you with 3 printable activities for your Literacy or Writing Center.  Students must make as many words as they can from the word given (i.e. SNOWMAN.)  This will help those Emergent / Early Readers practice their word building skills and you can check one thing off your to-do list!  I hope your kiddies enjoy :)

Just click the picture to download.


  1. Thanks for the cute activity!!

  2. You're welcome! I hope to bring you many more soon! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by :)


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