Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tips.....Organization!

It's time for my weekly edition of Tuesday Tips.......BUT, I left my camera in school today :(  Sooooo, I've been searching pinterest since I got home (I swear I'm going to start dinner soon) looking for ideas to share with you. 

If you haven't read any of my previous posts I'm HUGE on organization.  Nothing makes me quite as happy as an organized classroom.  As part of my jobs, I always have table cleaners, floor cleaners, shelf organizers, table bin organizers.  It's quite funny but my kids really love to help keep us organized even though their parents disagree.  So most of my Tuesday Tips this week are going to be focused on organization.

The first Tuesday Tip is from a cute lil blog I found called "Kindergarten, Kindergarten."  Let me just say I would KILL to have that many books in my library for my kiddies to read!  Here are some pics she shared of her classroom:


All of the Math and Reading bins are color-coded!

(I think I just found a new wood-working project for the future hubs!)


Although she hangs charts on here, I was thinking this is a super
EASY and CHEAP way to hang my Big Books!  PVC pipe is
really easy to use and very inexpensive :)

Here is the link to the full post if you want to check it out:  http://www.kindergartenkindergarten.com/2010/09/my-kindergarten-classroom.html 

The next Tuesday Tip comes from The Very Busy Kindergarten.  She has great ideas for organizing the classroom but what REALLY caught my eye is this:

Well let me tell you, you will DEFINITELY
see this in my classroom ASAP! 

Sorry, I know that really wasn't a tip but c'mon, that is soooo stinkin cute!  Alright, I'm focusing!  The next tip is one I have NOT tried so please don't leave me mean comments :)  I do, however, plan on trying it tomorrow!  If you have permanent marker on a dry erase board, just cover all of the writing with a DRY ERASE marker (yep, right over top) then erase all of it with a dry eraser and it should ALL come off.  Here is the link and the pics.  I will let you know how my "test" goes.   http://www.miss-kindergarten.com/2012/06/its-true.html

Permanent marker
Cover all of the writing with a dry erase marker
Erase with an eraser and......
And I leave you with MY TIP for the day.  I really wish I brought my camera home to show you this!!!  I really hate dislike when the kids use the white boards and don't completely erase it.  They leave it for days and the boards get all black and yucky.  Well, did you know that Magic Erasers will make your boards look brand spankin' new????   Yep it does!  And since I'm cheap too, I buy the knock-off erasers at the dollar store.  You can get two large erasers (which I cut in half) for just a dollar!  C'mon, that's cool!
I will still be on the hunt tonight for more cool ideas and tips. If I find more I will definitely post so don't forget to check back. Hope you found something you can use in your classroom tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

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