Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ahhhhhh, and Six for Saturday!

HAPPY Saturday

Yup, it's Saturday!

Saturday is not only my favorite day of the week, but it's my favorite day of the week!  And this is not just ANY Saturday.  Nope.  It's Saturday of a 3-DAY WEEKEND!!!!

Now, mind you, I do not normally get THIS excited for a 3-Day Weekend.  Well, I do but that's besides the point.

Why, you ask?

Well, I have not had a break since the start of school!  Yes, since mid-August I've been working non-stop.  I haven't sleptOr eatenOr rested.

Okay, well I'm being a bit dramatic here but you get the point.

I've looked at the dreaded school calendar since JULY knowing I would not have a 3-Day weekend until November.  The mental anguish that can cause a person is devestating!  It's really mental cruelty if you ask me.  But they didn't ask me.  They just did it.  How RUDE!

So yes, I slept in this morning and it was blissful.  In fact, I didn't even want to get up when I did except that I've been working on this HUGE product which I'm really excited about so I wanted to get back to work on it.  I'm in the editing process now so it will definitely be posted this weekend.

Since I didn't get to post last night.....busy enjoying the bliss of a 3-Day Weekend, I wanted to post a Five For Friday.

So instead I'm doing a Six for Saturday!  How 'bout them apples!

          {{{{ Note:  I literally just spent 20 minutes trying to make a cutesy little design that
                              said, "Six for Saturday" and it looks like a 2-year old did it.  This is why
                              I buy clipart and don't make it!  So insert you're most creative mental
                              image HERE.}}}}}}}}

Can I even tell you.....I'm slightly obsessed with Kohl's right now.  My daughter started working there in the summer and although I was a fan before, she taught me some insider tricks that make the shopping experience even better. 

I'm always that person that leaves their AWESOME 30% coupon at home when I go shopping.  You too?  Well, no problemo!  Just tell the cashier and they'll take it off!  Just like that!  Also, when you find that  amazing shirt in just the right color......and they don't have your size.....go to the kiosk at the front of the store, order it, and they'll ship it right to your door......FOR FREE!

If you haven't already figured it out, it doesn't take much to amuse me!

Thirty-One Gifts

Do you have a thirty-one bag yet?!?!?!  I got my first one this summer at a car show. 

Yup, I did say a car show.  Thank goodness they were there because I am NOT a car show gal.  I hung out with the thirty-one girl most of the day!

I bought the Utility Tote figuring I could use it for my "new school bag."  Well, I just love it!  And it's great for the day-to-day back-and-forth but when I have a 3-DAY WEEKEND and I bring home 1/2 of my classroom I need something a little bigger.

So I justify this new purchase as a necessity......for work purposes.

Yup, I'm upgrading to the Large Utility Tote.  Can't wait til it arrives!


Yup, I went there!  I am starting to see Christmas everywhere.  And yes, I'm usually that person getting VERY annoyed by it October! 

I get angry at the store managers.
I get angry at the cashiers.
I get angry at the decorations.

Okay, well that made me sound a little mental.

But seriously, they start putting this stuff out so early that it just makes me angry.

Until this year.

This year I didn't get angry.

I don't know why. 

Could it be that I'm newly married and have fancy visions in my mind of sitting by a cracklin' fire with my love?  The beauty, the romance.

Could it be that I've developed into this new, calmer person?

I know, I just laughed at myself with that last comment.  That would be a negative!

I don't have an answer for ya, but I'm running with it.  I want to get out there and Christmas shop.  I want to wrap presents.  I want to make hot chocolate.  Go figure! 

(Stay tuned for my post in a few weeks about everything that drives me mad about the holiday season!)


Let's see.  Was that 3 or 4.  Just three?  I feel like I've been typing for-ev-er!  Okay, refocus!


One might look at this picture and think I'm going to Barbados.

I'm not.

BUT, my hubby and I are thinking about a late winter trip somewhere tropical.  I was thinking St. Lucia.  When I got on the webpage and went to click the picture it changed to Barbados. 

So now I'm it a sign?  Is it fate?  Are we really meant to go to Barbados insead?


Anywho, I'm going somewhere.  Tropical.  Warm. Sunny.  With frozen fruity drinks.  Soon.

  I know.  Way to pop the bubble there, right?

But I've been slightly obsessed with the Common Core lately.  I'm having a love / hate relationship with it. 

I love the principal of it.  I believe we should be educating our children by the same criteria.

Where I hate the Common Core is that children all learn very differently.  If a child in my classroom does not "meet or exceed" these standards, then the teacher and students are deemed as failures.

It does not consider academic progress.  It does not consider a child's background.  It does not consider the supports in place to help that child.

Standards not met = Failure.

I can not, and never will, agree with that!

I don't have a cutesy picture for my last obsession.........PINTEREST!

Oh puleeze!  I know it's been around forever but seriously, how cool is an online bulletin board.

I want to meet the woman who created such a worthwhile addiction!

I can spend hours on there and not get bored.  One link leads to another......then another......then another.  And I only use it for education.  I haven't even begun to tap into the plethora of other topics on there.

If  I did that I would be divorced very quickly :)

Well, if you're still reading this ........ congratulations, you win a new TOASTER.  Just kiddin'.  No really, you're not getting a toaster.

Thanks for joining me!  Have a great SATURDAY.

P.S. Did I mention I have a 3-Day Weekend?!?!?!? 

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