Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Four Square

Hey Mike.......What day is it????  HUMP DAY!!!  Wooot Wooot!

That commercial never gets old!  I paid my daughter 10 bucks to make it my ring tone and it cracks me up every time my phone rings!  I even played it for my kiddies at school and they LOVE it so when we do our calendar routine they refer to today as "Hump Day!"

Back to business!  I'm always looking for cute, meaningful activities for my kiddies to work on INDEPENDENTLY at centers.  Since we have (finally) gone to full Common Core, I've revamped or recreated most of my games to align with CC.  I made a new activity to meet a lot of the standards in Counting and Cardinality that will allow students the opportunity to made direct connection between the number, the numeral, the number represented on a Ten Frame and a number of objects.  It's called Four Square.

Students start with a blank board.  The product covers the numbers 1 through 20 but you can modify that by only putting out cards for 1-10.

Students then start with a number.  They find the correct number word, the matching number of pictures and the correct number on the Ten Frame.

Super easy and SUPER for independent practice.  My kiddies have been playing it this week and LOVE it!  Instead of putting out all of the cards (too overwhelming for some of my kiddies), I differentiated the activity by leveling it.  I placed all of the cards for the numbers 1-10 in one bag and another with the number 11-20 cards.  The kids work in pairs since it's our first time with this game.  They are doing extremely well and they are not bugging me every two seconds are working independently!  A few of my lovies already asked if we can play this on Friday game day!

I saved the best for last.  This product covers LOTS of CC Standards:

To download this product from my TpT Store, click here or ony any of the pictures.  Hope your kids enjoy it just as much!

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