Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Freebies......Days 7 & 8

Hi!  My sincere apologies for missing last nights post.  I worked 14 hours and couldn't even formulate a complete thought!

I was one of the lead members of our Holiday Committee at school and boy am I glad it's OVER!  It was more than overwhelming to say the least.  I'm glad I was a part of it though.  The faculty and staff at my school purchased gifts for more than 200 of our students in need!  What an accomplishment!

So today I am posting Freebie #7 & #8.  You may have to stuff #7 away for next year but they're too cute not to share!  I hope you love them!

12 Days of Christmas Freebies......Day 7

12 Days of Christmas Freebies......Day 8

Only 4 Freebies left!!!  Let me know which was your favorite so far!

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