Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sight Word Freebie

I figured a good way to start off my blog is to give away a FREEBIE! I know how much I love getting freebies so here it is. My kids absolutely love playing this game. I like creating lots of games for my kids to practice their "popcorn" words. We call them popcorn words because they "pop" up in all of our books. As you know, these words are soooo important to the emergent reader. Since we are only in the first three months of school, these boards only contain the words they've learned. As they learn more, I update the boards.

There are a number of ways to set up the game based on the resources you have. I am blessed to have access to a laminator in school so I print these out on cardstock and laminated them. The kids can use expo markers and play away! If you do not have access to laminating, you can place them in a clear protector sheet and they can mark right on them. You can also use colored pom-poms to mark your spot. The best part is these boards are completely editable so you can change the words to suit your needs. Hope you enjoy!

Click here to get your game boards.

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