Friday, November 16, 2012

Ten Frames

Report cards......UGH!  Our report cards are due tomorrow.  I only have a few comments to finish but they seriously drain me!  We had our annual Turkey Feast for our kiddos today.  We have 4 Kindergarten teachers.  Two cook the turkey's....not ME, and the other two do the shopping.  Although it is exhausting, it is nice to see the kids together enjoying a thanksgiving dinner/lunch.

I am truly blessed to have a high-level group of kiddos this year.  It's a lot of fun making games and activities that are a little bit harder than I've made in the past.  This group likes to be challenged and try new things too which is even better.  Tonight I made a Ten Frame activity for my kids to practice.  We've been reviewing Ten Frames to 10 but I think they are ready to move on, especially since we've been focusing on teen numbers.  This activity includes numbers 1-20.  My kids also like to use the dry erase markers any chance they get so I just laminate these types of activities and let them go.  If you don't have access to dry erase markers or would rather not use them, Bingo counters or buttons work just as well. When you download the activity, cut the pages in half for individual ten frame cards.  To preview or download click here.

TIP:  When using dry erase markers on laminated papers it can be hard getting the marker to erase.  Try Magic Erasers, they work wonders.  I buy them at the dollar store and cut them into three sections.  They last a really long time!

I will print the activity tonight and try to upload a pic tomorrow.  To get your, click here.

Tootles ~

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