Monday, November 12, 2012

Numbers 1-6

One of the many challenges teachers face is how to address the needs of every ability level in your class.  This year I have students reading on a 2nd grade level and those who do not know their letters or numbers.  To say this makes things difficult is an understatement!  I am very fortunate to have helpers from an upper grade come in at the end of the day. I've deliberately made games for my students who need to learn the basics and have my 6th grade helpers play with them.  They LOVE working with the older students and vice versa!

One of the skills my students need is to be able to identify numbers 1-10 by mid-point in the year. I feel this is too much in the beginning so I focus on 1-5/6.  We also introduce dice fairly early on in the year so I made a game to combine the two......Dice Race Games.  It's very simple to play and the kids can independently get the materials they need to play.....YAY!   I pair one uppergrade student with one kindergarten student.  Students gain practice in number identification as well as counting and identifying number on a die.  Best of all, the kids LOVE playing the game and don't even realize they are learning!  I will post a pic of the game tomorrow - left my camera in school :)

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