Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Transportation Labels

Whew, what a day!  I still find it amazing how funny (and frank) kinders can be.  The private conversations they have are hysterical.  They definitely keep me on my toes!

I must say I am totally loving this blogging thing.   I was driving home tonight thinking about how I want my blog to look, what I want to say, and what I want people to be able to get out of it.  So I got to thinking what it is I love about reading other people's blogs.  What it boils down to is I enjoy the process of learning and the process of teaching.  I also love the process of learning from others - taking one idea and turning it into two or three different ideas.  Reading other blogs inspires me.  I want that for my blog - I want people to feel inspired and full of ideas when they leave.  I know it will take time to build up this lil ole blog but I am working at it.  I have to keep reminding myself it will get there in time.

So last night I worked on some Transportation Labels - for lack of a better term.  I use these in my classroom this year and LOVE them!  I used to stress when parents would write a note to let me know little Susie wouldn't be a car rider but a walker that day. I would worry that with the 8 million things running through my head that I would totally forget by the end of the day. 

All that you need are the labels and come colorful ribbon.  I added the pictures at the bottom for decorative purposes.  There is an image on each label that identifies car, bus, walker or after school program.  I wrote each child's name on cardstock and hot glued it onto clothespins I got at the dollar store.  Super Simple!  Now, when a note comes in from home changing the dismissal routine, I simply move that child's name from one to the other and forget about it.  I have this posted right next to my door so I know which student goes in which line.
The labels in my pack include 25 different borders - polka dots, solids, stripes, etc., but all with the same designations.  This pack can be downloaded at my TpT store by clicking here.  If you need something different written on the labels, just e-mail me and I will customize them. Hope you enjoy!

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