Sunday, November 11, 2012


Welcome to my blog!!!

Hi all! I've been wanting to do this FOREVER but I could never seem to figure things out or I just never had enough time - who does? So anywho, I wanted to have an outlet for sharing some of the things that I use in my classroom all the time. These resources have helped me a great deal. I am a firm believer in making learning FUN! There is nothing worse as a teacher than looking at 25 bored faces. I love creating games to teach / reinforce the skills my students need to learn to be successful.

I am incredibly blessed with a high-level group of students this year. In fact, I've been a little caught off guard by how advanced some of them are. This is my 3rd year teaching Kinder and I'm still compiling my resources. I haven't focused as much on advanced games because the need wasn't there. I've been following some other bloggers who tier their activities and I LOVE the idea! I want each activity to be challenging but not frustrating.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I'll be posting soon with some exciting games / activities for kinders. I'm always open to suggestions as well. Thanks for reading :)


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